LGBTQ+ Summit

I volunteered to be a part of the LGBTQ+ Summit because I want to see freedom, smile, and the beauty within all people in the world.  In Cambodia and many parts of the world, coming out and living in the LGBTQ+ community is a struggle. This is violating human rights! Every individual should have the freedom to express whatever they want and receive all the necessary service without any restriction and discrimination.

LGBTQ+ Summit, called Rainbow Summit, with the theme of breaking down the barriers that may exclude LGBTQ+ community within the society, was an opportunity for young Cambodians to discuss gender identity and sexuality.  We value meaningful discussion, embrace differences, and to inspire Cambodian youth to create positive change in their own communities. Through facilitating healthy and constructive conversations about language, culture, laws, and health, we hope to build a more supportive and unified society.  

During the summit, I was the facilitator of the laws and politics session. We went through the problem and the consequences of not having a legal framework for gay marriage. Some of the problems are that gay couples have to deal with property and custody.

The participants were very engaged in the discussion, they were each other question back and forth related to the issues, intervention, and policy. I clearly saw that everyone was so passionate about trying to fix the problem and to be the role model for their family and communities. 

To see my Cambodian peers took part in the change maker for a crucial problem like this, I have so much hope my country.


Scarcity and Choices

I love learning about economic. I think that economy involve in everything we do in life, making choice, spending money, etc. Learning economy has help me a lot with deciding the best choice and always aware of what to spend my time for. Personally, economic is the study of scarcity and choice. It is basically study how individual, firm and society deal with scarcity. Because, I thought that economic is a very essential subject to know, I decided to spend most of my free time to learn all of these through various sources such as Edx, my learning facilitator, ACDC econ youtube video, and mainly from the textbook called the Krugman_s Economics. There are two main types of economic, microeconomic and macroeconomic. My favorite economic division is the macroeconomic because it a study of a large economy as a whole or economic aggregate (the whole amount). From all what I’ve learned so far, the two main three main takeaways are trade off, opportunity cost and TINSTAAFL (There is no such thing as a free lunch). I believe that economic will help me to make a better decision in life and gain my skill as a leader.

Eleanor and Park novel reflection

Eleanor and Park was amazing book for me because the scene and the character is about the same age as me, plus the authors used a lot of creative words. As I read the book, there are many aspects in the books that made this book as a not modern era likes the technology, transportation, and the society around it. I believe that Eleanor and Park was take place in the Omaha, Nebraska, over the course of the character school year, which is from start of fall 1986 to the end of summer in 1987. The book was very interesting to read because Rainbow Rowell wrote in a third person perspective, which allow me to see and analyse each of the characters clearly and better. Eleanor by far is my favorite character of this book, she is a grade ten student that has move from other school to the new high school that Park learned. She was famous by her uniqueness apparent like her giant red curly hair, wearing men’s clothing and have unusual accessories on her body that the other student in the school doesn’t have. This is not enough to know Eleanor Douglas, she is more interesting than that. At her first day of school, no one in the school bus want to room for her and many students bullied her in any ways they can. After, a while Park’s was open for her to sit near him, but not in a wanting way. Eleanor is a very intellectual student and she is very good in her literacy class. Beside having to deal with kids who bullied her, she have to deal a serious problem at home. Eleanor got a big family that have seven members total in it, include Eleanor herself, her mother, her abusive and very alcoholic stepdad named Richie and her four little brother and sisters. Moreover, her family is in poverty, which make everything harder, she sleep in a bunk bed with three of her other sibling. Because of her family living condition like this, she got no privacy because and no freedom like the other teenagers.

Navigate around Phnom Penh to complete a certain mission

Crossing roads in Phnom Penh, negotiating the prices of a certains goods and services with differents retails sellers, riding tuk tuk around Phnom Penh is one of the thing that I’m not feeling comfortable to do. I was always feel that if I do so, there will be something bad happen to me or I will get loss in some ways. However, as I getting bigger, more mature and more tasks to do in Phnom Penh, I feel that it is about the right time for me to develop this skill because being able to use app in phone to navigate Phnom Penh, buyer things in the right place and price will benefit me for the rest of my life. After, I heard that I was getting this opportunity to do a certains task in Phnom Penh in a group without any adult, I was so excited. The main theme of this experiential learning is that I go around Phnom Penh to complete three different missions with a limited amount of money and time. We got about 20 dollars and three hours to do these missions. Therefore, my team and I have to be smart on what we are doing, the first thing that we did is that we were going through all the tasks and see which one that is closest to the starting the point and it will also allow us to do other tasks without having to wait about it. Photocopy and scanning the AP book to pdf file is the ideal choice for us because we have a clue of where is that going to be and also photocopy the book and scanning it can take along times, which is fine for us because we can use that time to do the next mission. As we all know that, Phnom Penh is a crowded place and you can literally find anything you want, however, it got a certain regions that famous for certain things. I love that we were able to find a commercial printing house, which cost will cost us less money. Gathering the insurance information about the moto is quite challenging for us. But most of all we had a lot of experiences and fun.

ROV robotic is complicated, but exciting!

The ocean cover about 72% of the planet. As a Cambodia citizen, I am proud that we have ocean and all the amazing creature in the ocean. Not many country have the resource that we are having. Cambodia ocean is one of the factor that capture international and national tourist to visit go on their holiday. One of the thing that the tourist expected to have when they visit Kep, kampot and Sihanoukville is the seafood, especially crab. Therefore, the demand of seafood in Cambodia is exceedingly high all of the season. Because there are such a high demand of seafood, the fisherman’s are willing to do anything to supplies the needs. This idea lead to a terrible action, which is illegal fishing. This problem create the Marine Conservation of Cambodia to exist. MCC is an organization whose mission is to protect and conserve Cambodia’s marine biodiversity and habitats.Inspire by MCC and researcher from all around the world who said that it hard to survey fish in deep and far distance and conserve the ocean meaning that I can do something to help. We thought about drone, drone can fly in the air. Why don’t we create something that can drive underwater with an ability to capture a staple, clear footage, collecting survey, mapping the location of the reef and so on. Our intention is to build a submarine that have the ability to capture a stable, clear, high resolution footage and can survey the different kind of fish with clear information and picture of the species, and other creature and identify it. Furthermore, our ambition is to create a sensor that the submarine the trolling zone in the ocean. Currency, it doesn’t exist yet, it still a concept. Therefore, now we are researching and learning all the science behind a ROV robot. Four weeks ago, what we had done is creating the first basic submarine followed by Sea-perch curriculum that basically can move forward and backward and go up and down. This simple design had help us to understand the buoyancy of the robot, the framework that worked best, the best placed to mount the thruster and more. Currently, we are working on researching and designing our own framework that is unique and powerful. Beside doing the framework, we are also researching on the electronic hardware such as the thruster, esc module, propeller that will suit our design and the requirement the most. If this exist, we would help thousands of marine scientist to compile their research much more efficient, can discovered the ocean world in a deeper and a further regions that might be dangerous for scientist to go, video and the picture of the species. In conclusion, we hope to work with more professional engineer and coder to make this wonderful concept exist as soon as possible.

Arrow Dot Arduino Programming course strengthened my electronic skill

After my wonderful and intense internship at the Arrow Dot Electronic Institute on my summer break, I was provided an amazing opportunity to take part on their Introduction course on programing Arduino micro-controller and electronic. The course that were provided was free of charge because the institute want to return something back to my internship. This course was taken by various group of audiences from university students to professional who have electronic career. I was the youngest among the group, but I did not take the pressure as my constraint, instead I pushed myself harder to understand the concepts. The course have taught me about the difference kind of arduino sensors (thermistor, LDR, Ultrasonic), difference kinds of arduino modules (TFT, LCD, IR receiver), and essentials electronic components. It have been three months that I am devoted six hours on the weekend of my time to learn about this field. The main reason that I took this course was that it is important to understand electronic, because electronic is everywhere and we used it in every day of our life. After, the introduction course, I will be taking the advance course for another three month. Stay tune to my upcoming post!

What are you waiting for? Tos Tov!!

Did you know that Cambodian taxi drivers experience difficulties finding passengers? And did you know that the passengers have a hard time to finding the right driver at the right time, to go where they need to go?

After a few weeks me, my wonderful teammates and a mentor from French help come up with a solution to solve this problem. That is called Tos Tov, Tos Tov is an app that provides the connection between the driver and the passenger. This means we are giving three main benefits to them: 1 the Cambodian drivers can find more passengers 2- saving passengers’ time of waiting. Once this system works together we will have less traffic and safer roads.

Unlike other alternatives app that already exists. We have come up with two features that will revolutionize the way Cambodian think about the app. The first feature is the innovation by SMS. The second one is the power of the community.

What motivates us to have the commitment to accomplish this is the vision of creating a better Cambodia and a better world with safer roads and more convenient travel options.

I join the the Largest Celebration of STEM festival

I had participate in the Cambodia Science, Technology, Engineering and Math festival on Sunday, May 7, 2016, to learn more about STEM. This event is a great opportunity for me and the world to learn more about STEM that presented by Zaman International School and Governments students. There are many STEM concept that I will help my future projects in the school such as the First Tech Challenge, Underwater Robot Competition and so on. The projects and the prototypes that they shown me was amazing, but the explanation is very bad because when I and some of my friends go to their booth, they do not explain to us until we ask them to. Also, they only show us the outcome but the science behind it, they are not explained. So I have to ask them many questions to allow myself to understand more. From the Liger Learning Center, we have one booth and the students from my school show their STEM project that they work on. There are many people are participating in the event. The Secretary of state also come to look at Cambodian student STEM student too. At last, the most exciting part of the event is we got the certificate from the government for participating the event.

Sea level crisis is an opportunity | Tedx Talk

I really enjoy talking about what I am passionate about, and TEDx is a really great opportunity for me to share what I learned and share my solutions to the others to prepare for these gigantic problems. These problems are sea level rising, flooding, storm and climate change. These kinds of problems can make people die easily, so we need to solve and adapt to it now. I talk about life in his province, problems with changing water levels, and come up with the solutions to solve these main issues. This is my first time to spook in front of about 200 people and share my video to the TEDx talk YouTube channel that has about 3.9 million subscribers.

Javascript Calculator

This is my first project in Javascipt. I passionate about coding and I curious about with all the langlange, curently I know a bit about Javascript, C++, and simple web programming langance like html, CSS. So every single day I learn code and practice code. Now we have found an expert about Javascript to come and teach us about it. I love it so far and I really take it seriously to that course. In the past four weeks I have been learning about Variable, Function, If and else and simple staff. This week I have complete one of the project which calculator.

Javascript basic calculator from samnang nuon on Vimeo.

Edit fiddle – JSFiddle

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

The next project that I have to work on guessing number game and now I was getting stuck with the random number formular. You not miss my other post and please check my blog even because it may shock you. Thank you.