The poem that kill me

After many problems

With bordering countries

and French colonization,

Cambodia rose up again.

Again after the “Angkor Wat” Empire

Many considered as the “Golden Age,”

Which was controlled by Sihanouk.


Can you imagine how it feels like?

A modern city, with a high education system.

Music was diverse, like in an ecosystem.

Banks were created, the economy expanded.

Overflowing with optimism and hope,

Dancing freely, people enjoying entertainment.

Internationally, they knew who we were.

Awesome, peaceful place – Cambodia.


Dreadful massacre happened unexpectedly.

Eventually, everything was ended.

Are you educated, an actress, indigenous, wear glasses?

Then, your eyes will close with sorrow.

Humans were forced to work, 12 hours a day.

Starvation snuck in, leaving the land dripping with death.


Phnom Penh became a ghost city.

Over 3 years, 8 months, 20 days.

Lives of animals were meaningless.

Poverty was rising at a 100% rate.

Obey each other to leave the country for safety…

They left behind the brutality of POL POT.


Do NOT step on the same footprints!

Or else, people will die in sorrow.

Learn from the past, improve tomorrow,

Think carefully before you take action.

Do NOT be evil like Pol Pot!


This I Believe

This I Believe that education is the secret weapon that helps to fight through obstacles to have a successful life.

My uncle has been struggling to find a good enough job to support himself and his family. Nith was an excellent uncle to me. He cares about me, and he always looks after me. Uncle Nith was always being push to study from my grandpa, but he was then repelled because he wants to enjoy his time with his friends. The consequence of this action is that he can’t get a good job that will provide enough salary for him to live a happy live. He tried to apply for five different jobs, but no one is interested in him. This happen because he doesn’t have the secret weapon to fight the problems that they gave him, meaning that he doesn’t have the education to fulfill the company needs. Uncle Nith moved to Thailand for six years already. The reason he went there is that there is a job opportunity for him and now he is a driver for one of the company in Thailand. By doing this, he had sacrificed many things such as break out from his parents, family, live there alone without knowing any language and culture.

After seeing what had happened to my uncle, I realized what I couldn’t believe was becoming true. My family tried to take my uncle as an example to proof that I must study harder. At that time, I was so careless about my learning, meaning that after I came back from school, I would throw my back on my bed and turn on the TV to watch my favorite movie Sen Ou Kong. My dad usually come back from work at around 8:30 to 9 o’clock at night with tired eyes, hungry and worriedness about me. The quote that he said to me every night is that “I learn so hard to stand where I am today and at the time, I didn’t have any electricity, no really school, no transportation, no anything. And work every day, to provide you the money and everything for you to learn and you don’t even learn, then what is your future going to look like? I can help to provide material, but I can set you, future son.” This quote has stuck in my hard until now and this quote is always pushing me to study harder.

At that time, I was in grade four and I was doing okay in school, but I was not a good student. I always play in the classroom, didn’t do homework most of the time and always went out with my friends after school. After I saw my uncle and many others people who don’t have education life and my father quote every day, it had inspired me to become a better kid and a better student. Therefore, I began to think of a few things. One thing was that my uncle experiment shows me that education is very important and I need to have that weapon as soon as possible because I will need to use it one day. So, I started to learn more at night, do all the homework and focus on school more. Moreover, when I have free time I helped my mom with her gasoline business and read more book as well. After I did that for 6 six months, my learning and my grade are significant difference.  I never know when I will need my knowledge, I have to study hard everyday to fulfill my dream. Surprisingly, in at the start of 2011, Liger Learning Center school came and recruit the potential student to learn at their school. Because of my hard work, out of over 12,000 students, I was selected to be a student there with a full scholarship. This achievement proofs me that my parent and my believe is true, that education is the secret weapon that helps to fight through obstacles to having a successful life.

After this achievement, I didn’t stop, I even work harder because I believe that my belief is the best path to take, in order for me to complete the task that I want to accomplish. I want to be a change agent for myself, my family and my wonderful country, and to do that I need education.


Distance – Time graph word problem

The distance, time graph show the position of Mrs. Kanha goes to different places from her home. Mrs. Kanha drove to a bookstore from her house to buy some books for her kids. After, her purchase on -the bookstore, she then drove to the gym to exercise so she remains fit and strong. Finally, she drove to her kids’ school to pick them up. The diagram below shows the distance, time graph of Mrs. Kanha.


  1. How far is the bookstore away from the house?
  2. How far is the school to Mrs. Kanha home?
  3. Mrs. Kanha driving speed from her home to the bookstore was 8 km/h slower than her driving speed from the school to her home. Form an equation in x and solve it.
  4. Hence, express the time that Mrs. Kanha spent driving as a percentage of her whole journey.


  1. The distance from the house to the bookstore is 20 km.
  2. The distance from the school to Mrs. Kanha house is 25 km.
  3. First, we need to find the driving speed from her home to the bookstore.

Which give us that speed= 20 km / x minutes

Now, the unit is in km/minutes, we need to time 60 to the numerator to convert to km/hr, so that we can plus it with the 8 km/hr that they give us.

                = (20 * 60) / x

                = 1200 / x

Second, we need to find to the driving speed from the school home.

                Then, speed = 25 / 210-(x+105)

                After we have that, we need to do the same thing to make this to km/hr.

                Speed = 25 * 60 / 210-(x+105)

                =  1500 / 210-x-105

Third step is to take these two values and the information that they provide and turn to an equation.

                The easiest way is to make a words based equation and for this example there are three way you can set up.

                Therefore, the equations are:

                          1. Home → bookstore + 8 km/hr = school → home

                          2. School → home – home → bookstore = 8 km/hr

                          3. School → home – 8 km/hr = home → bookstore

                For this example, let’s pick equation number one.

                               (1200 / x )+ 8 = 1500 / 105-x

                               (1200 / x) + ((8*x) / (1*x)) = 1500 / 105-x

                               (1200+8x) / x = 1500 / 105-x

                               1500x = (8x + 1200)(-x + 105)

                               1500x = -8x^+ 840x – 1200x + 126000

                               8x^2 + 1860x – 126000 = 0

                               (8x^+ 1860x – 126000) / 4

                               2x^+ 465x – 31500 = 0

                Now, we need to solve of x, there are many way we can solve of x, we can factor, graph and solve it or you can use the quadratic formula to isolate x.

                             For this example, let use the quadratic formula because the                                   other option is very hard to deal with huge numbers.

                                  Coefficient are: a = 2 ; b = 465 ; c =-31500

                                  Quadratic formula: x =  -b +- sqrt(b^– 4ac) / 2a

                                  Plug it a,b and c:  x = -465 +- sqrt(465^-4(2)(-31500) / 2(2)

                                  Solve: x= -465 +- sqrt(216225- -252000) / 4

                                  x= -465 +- sqrt(468225) / 4

                                  x=54.817 or x=-287.317 (rejected)

                         So, x=54.817 because there is no negative time.

4. To figure out Mrs. Kanha total driving time, we need to find out her total time of her journey and minus it with her rest time.

                 Find her total time: x+(x+46)+(x+97)+(x+105)+210

                 Plug the value of x in: 677.27 minutes

                 Her total time = 677.27 minutes

                 Her total rest time: (((x+46)-x)/3)*2)+((x+97)-(x+46))

                 Equal= 81.66 minutes

Then, we take her total time – her total rest time to find her total driving time

                 677.27 – 81.66 = 595.61 minutes

                 Required percentage = 595.61/677.27 * 100 = 87.9%

So, the percentage that she is driving compared to the whole trip is 87.9%

Look what I’ve changed Cambodia in 2016 – 2017

Many Cambodian students do not have access to study STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in their school curriculum, while some of the schools in more urban regions might access that education. However, these students still did not get their hands on doing experiments to enhance their knowledge. In Cambodia, this is a serious problem that the government should look at because as our country developed and our economy grows, the Cambodian populace requires starting to adapt themselves by shifting their jobs and majors toward larger demand jobs that will be offering. H.E. Hang Chuon Naron stated that “Our nation needs STEM graduates to become more competitive in the region and the world, most notably as we integrate with the ASEAN Economic Community.” This statement showed that the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports are also working very hard to encourage young Cambodian to take part in more STEM fields, to compete with others countries around the world. In Liger Learning Center, STEM is one of our main focus, meaning we approach STEM in all of our learning curriculums, Essential and Project-Based Learning. In this 2016 – 2017 school year, one exploration I thought had a tremendous influence on my society is the Liger Robotic exploration. In this project, I was working with the others nine students to build a robot, that will participate in the VEX Robotics competition in Taiwan. We were the first Cambodian team to compete in the World Class robotic competition that takes part over 10 countries around Asia. In all the circumstances, we could be a role model for the whole Cambodia and proof the world, we can perform the tasks that the others countries can do. When people see our actions, our accomplishments and our knowledge about STEM, it will motivate them to investigate in a more challenging STEM experiences such as robotic engineer, computer engineer, Civil engineer and food chemistry engineer. This is change! We changed and open the mind for over 60% of Cambodian students who are afraid to try something news or had threatened their potentials ability by their parents and society to change their mindset from being afraid to try something new to learn something new and more practical and interesting that is very important for them and the world. But the question is how can we make this change? We spread our words to people through three different ways such as social media, news, and education. For education, we share our knowledge and experiences at Cambodia Science Engineering Festival, which is the biggest science in Cambodia that gets over 10, 000 students, professor, scientist, etc. We are proud to be a role model for Cambodia and the world. In addition, we are proud to inspire people minds that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics is such an important subjects that everybody can’t ignore it, instead, they should consider learning it. We also hope that these potential people will positively continue to join us in STEAM to make Cambodia improve for the future.


By pouring enormous quantities of carbon dioxide and other bad greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuel for electrical, transportation that we are riding, industrial sector and plant and animal respiration, to our wonderful atmosphere over the last 150 year. Referring to this action, the global average temperature is likely to rise anywhere from 1.1 to 6.4 by 2080 -2099, relative to 1980-1999, according to the Climate Change book written by Robert Henson. In the decades to come, the warming of the planet resulting many bad consequences such as rise in sea level will likely being to force people away from the coastlines, Low-lying islands are already vulnerable, drought seems to becoming more prevalent and lastly ease the spread of scary diseases like malaria and dengue fever in a more rural area across Cambodia. Because of these problems that has threatened people around the world and especially Cambodia, Liger want to do something about it. Therefore, Liger decided to create an exploration called the Climate Summit that will help to tackle this types of problems. In this exploration, we have created an event called the Liger Climate Summit. Climate Summit is an event that created by the United Nation and it a meeting between leaders around the world to discuss about climate change problems. Furthermore, they have to worked together to come up with an agreement to cut down the emission, in order to reduce the temperature by 2 degree celsius by 2100. Therefore, our event is a role playing exercise of the UN climate summit. The unique part about this event is that it use the C-Roads simulation to analyse the pledges that the participants put to action. Beside the negotiation, the 43 participants from five different schools was able to learn about science behind climate change, which are what is climate change, the cause of climate change and finally the solution to deal with climate change. There are three major rationales that we are hosting this event, 1. To raise awareness on climate change with young people that will become our country change agent. 2. To build up collaboration between students coming from different places. 3. To inspire them to change their habit and the habit of their community to a better behavior that will lead to a better future.


Waste is flying around Cambodia. Everywhere we go we see trash. Out of all the trash, the capita household waste generated was 0.487 kg per day. Out of that waste 63.3% are food waste is predominant portion of generated waste. According to a 2015 study conducted by the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and the Cambodian Education and Waste Management Organization (COMPED), Phnom Penh the Capital city of Cambodia alone produced about about 1,286 tons of solid waste everyday in 2013. If all the waste go to the landfill everydays, one day the landfill will full because the land can only have so much. Therefore there will be no more place to store all the waste that we all generated everyday. One of the biggest problem in Cambodia is that people doesn’t pack and store their waste properly, all types of wastes are mix without separate it properly and store it in one big plastic bags. This process making it harder to recycle and composting. This problem is an amazing opportunity for us to step up help to solve it and be the change agent that we wish to see. Therefore, our project has five mains action that we are going to take in order to make the change successful. These actions are Promote Environmental education, Teach people in the Compu Keak community to reconsider about their chemical to use a organic compost, Create a small scale or a commercial scale for those who doesn’t have any jobs, Help to reduce the organic and recycle it to something that will be useful and lastly Raising the awareness about the benefit and the use of compost. Education is the most important thing to approach when it come to change something. It is impossible to change people mindset when they don’t what what is the benefit of them changing it. For that reason, we decided to raise awareness if people are not separate the waste properly, it going to affect the environment around us and dangerous for our health. Furthermore, we also teach them about the effect of using plastic bag and the three R method, which are reduce, reuse and recycle. When the villagers truthly understand the impact of their action, they are more likely to change themselve without being force. The second action and goal for the Waste management 4 exploration is teaches people in the community around Liger to reconsiders to stop using chemical fertilizer to use compost back. To change people’s habit or action we have to tell them what is in it for them of changing the fertilizer. We tell them about the benefits of using compost such as improve the soil quality in long term approach, decrease the amount of water usage, provide rich nutrient to the crop, chemical free, organic farm, prevent the plant from getting any disease, make the fruit of the plant more tasty. On the top of that, our team also provide a course to teach farmers who are interested in making compost as their fertilizer for they farm. As this take place, we were able to reduce the amount of chemical food that Cambodia produce, reduce chemical food move to reduce the amount of disease that get to people. You all might wonder how do we approach our audience. Thurs, we went around the community and did a workshop with more than 40 people. As we went and interview people, we discovered that they is a moderate demand of buying compost, which is amazing. As we a change agent, we always look at opportunity to take that we can do to change a problem in a society. We decided our third action is help to create a small scale or a commercial scale for those who doesn’t have any jobs. We approach that action by educated them what is compost and it’s benefit. Once people know what it is, we then introduce the different composting methods that they can implement at their facility. Finding the best compost methods that would best fit for their land and money is very essential. We also develop a complete design that contains all the instructions, material and cost. In conclusion, as I one of the change agent, I am hoping to see in the future there will be more farmers and people to do compost and be the role model for other communities as well. As more and more people use compost, we will turn this community to a chemical free community together. In addition, I am hoping to see people separate their waste better and manage their waste better.


Khmer Rouge killed nearly two millions of Cambodian in 4 years. In this four years, the Khmer Rouge leaders take over and destroy all of the following: money, markets, formal education, Buddhism, books, private property, diverse clothing styles, freedom of movement, family structure, “over two thousand years of Cambodia history”. Democratic Kampuchea (DK) stand for revolutionary energy, incentive, the poor. DK goes on to family life, individualism and cities. This means that there is no class between the rich and the poor. This is a great propaganda from Pol Pot because at the time there is more ration of poor Cambodian than the rich. Therefore, this reason of revolution made every day and Cambodia who we are today. In the Khmer Rouge exploration, we were comparing and contrast the reason behind the other 5 massive genocides that happened around the world. We also went to the most memorable in the world like the killing field and S-21. By visiting these places, I was able visual the place that the event happen better. There is also a short trip to the different event in Meta house to study about the different preparation that has put by the victims. When I went to that kind of event I got to talk to victims, learn about their life, and help to heal their feeling my being a part of the research group and go to learn from them. Furthermore, in the Liger Learning Center sharation, I wrote a Khmer poem that reflected on my memories and my mine. Performance about Khmer Rouge to people who come to separation is the main point in this exploration because we got a very broad audience, from the US & UK ambassador to government student. I think by doing this, we help to spread the words to thousands of people, and that thousands of people will spread to more people as well. The more people know about Khmer Rouge the stronger shield to protect yourself. Herewith, if there an attempt to rebel Cambodia again, our population think carefully and also they know how to adapt in all of this condition already. Besides all of these change, the most important part of this exploration is that I change myself significantly about my the Khmer Rouge genocide. I mean Khmer Rouge is a lesson that everyone’s of Cambodia must take because it will allow those people to understand what cause it to happen and what did they do to our family. I am clearly changing my mindset from being offended to learn and take that tragedy as a motivation to keep learning hard and change Cambodia. In conclusion, I want to share the knowledge and the experience to a larger audience or create something that they can use and learn from it, like a phone application.


A digital currency is the combination of digital word and Currency word. So, digital mean something connect or work with computer. And, the word currency is something that is used as money. Then, when we combine the words together it means any payment that exist completely in a computer or electronic form. Digital money is not a tangible money that we can physically touch like a dollar bill, 1000 reals or coin. It is accounted for and transferred using technologies such as computer, smartphone and the internet. Liger Digital Currency (LDC) is a project that influences everyone in the Liger family, and the outside world as well. It’s  basically about creating a platform that allows people to send and receive money through technology, such as smartphones or computers. The idea of this project was started by the Founder of Liger Learning Center, which is Trevor Gile. He says that we should create a digital currency system that will be used by everyone at Liger.  It must be safe, secure and convenient. A digital currency important to us because of various factors such as: It’s important to our life because through fews clicking, you send money to other people without having to go to them and hand them the money, It’s a safe way to keep your money and sending money, Easier way of managing money, If the security system has implemented well enough, there’s a really low chance  of losing our money. Fiat money will not last forever, it will break, You can have more than the amount the government printed. For exploration number round, we just finish our first website prototype to see if the structure. If this website were to successfully work and secure, we will then turn it to a open source application where NGO, restaurant, business, school can simulated it at their place. By making it open-source will a big change that we made and this change will affect everyone around the world.


Event that connect Phnom Penh and Silicon valley, to inspired Cambodia youth to reflect a problem in their society and solve the issues by using some sort of technological material. There are 10 team that contains 3-5 members per team. My team present a very huge problem in Cambodia because Cambodia population density is variable, some provinces are isolated and mountainous with low communication and road infreasture. Most of all, these people doesn’t have any access to healthcare or education. In the rural areas, malnutrition has a long been a major problem. Cambodia need to improve public healthcare system to the highest priority to extend life expectancy of Cambodian. My team has presented a Nhor Nhim project, which is an project that aims to provide a cost-free health information. These information will tell the difference kinds of disease that are common to the rural population, that includes, rabies, malaria dengue fever, dairy, iron deficiency and etc. The most essential feature of this app is that there will also information about how to cure the disease and information about how to prevent the disease to spread bigger from the doctors all around Cambodia. Nhor Nhim app also implement an unique tools in the app that called the “E-doctor”. With this tool, they will be able to complete the survey in the website or the app about the symptom and how do they feel in the body. After, the survey is fully complete, our app will run the code to analyse they survey to come up with an desease that they might have. All the results that released is come from the doctor. Furthermore, our app will also provide the doctor or an institution that focus that the disease contact, so they can discuss better about the disease. What make our app pop up from other app because our app has come up with an innovative solution that will be able to help a larger audience and for those who need more help. Our mission to help to provide e-health care that can used by everyone in Cambodia. As we all know that 65% of the people in Cambodia use the dump-phone a communication tool for them. Therefore, our app will work for any devices that people have. Anyone can access for the app for free, those with skill and knowledge can post/ share anything about health in the learn More section.

The ocean cover about 72% of the planet. As a Cambodia citizen, I am proud that we have ocean and all the amazing creature in the ocean. Not many country have the resource that we are having. Cambodia ocean is one of the factor that capture international and national tourist to visit go on their holiday. One of the thing that the tourist expected to have when they visit Kep, kampot and Sihanoukville is the seafood, especially crab. Therefore, the demand of seafood in Cambodia is exceedingly high all of the season. Because there are such a high demand of seafood, the fisherman’s are willing to do anything to supplies the needs. This idea lead to a terrible action, which is illegal fishing. This problem create the Marine Conservation of Cambodia to exist. MCC is an organization whose mission is to protect and conserve Cambodia’s marine biodiversity and habitats.Inspire by MCC and researcher from all around the world who said that it hard to survey fish in deep and far distance and conserve the ocean meaning that I can do something to help. We thought about drone, drone can fly in the air. Why don’t we create something that can drive underwater with an ability to capture a staple, clear footage. Our intention is to build a submarine that have the ability to capture a stable, clear, high resolution footage and can survey the different kind of fish with clear information and picture of the species, and other creature and identify it. Furthermore, our ambition is to create a sensor that the submarine the trolling zone in the ocean. Currency, it doesn’t exist yet, it still a concept. Therefore, now we are researching and learning all the science behind a ROV robot, Design and first simplest design to learn what is right and what is wrong, will learn more about machine learning through website and book in order to make the feature work. If this exist what is the impact to Cambodia and the world, we would help thousands of marine scientist, make scientist and NGO or business to compile their research much more efficient, can discovered thing in a deeper and a further regions that might be dangerous for scientist to go and provide accurate data, video and the picture of the species. In conclusion, we hope to work with more professional engineer and coder to make this wonderful concept exist as soon as possible.


Citizens in Cambodia are happened to face the problem of having a hard time finding the taxi and waiting for the taxi, during their daily travel and holiday. Most of those passengers were needed to sit in the taxi more than 30 minutes to one hour and wait for the driver to fill in all the passengers into the taxi. Furthermore, we went to do a survey asking people about what is their biggest concern of riding a taxi. Surprisingly, more than 95% of them said that safety is their biggest concern. The reason that they said this is because the taxi driver takes more passengers than the number that the rule requires. Therefore, this problem is needed to be changed. So, our team decided to create a mobile application which connects the drivers together with the passengers. This application basically has three mains functions and one important foundation which allow the passengers to connect with drivers through the SMS system. By using implement this feature, we have allowed 65% more people to use our app. The three main functions are had left, is leaving, and arrived. The functions are used to tell the passengers which stage has the driver passed. In this mobile application, the driver will need to update their phone once in every 30 minutes and tell which stations are they heading to or which station they had left or which station have they arrived. As also for the passengers​ are only need to send the SMS to our Tos Tov team and we’ll connect them with the information that was updated by the driver. This application will potentially help to change the habit of the taxi driver, reduce the passengers waiting times and reduce the amount of percentage of the traffic accident that will occur on the roads. I believe that as the technology world grow, our Cambodia’s citizen needs to evolve through that era too. That why we make an application that helps these big issues in my society and at the same time teaching people about technology as well.


These are just the beginning of me making changes. Through the course of this 2016-2017 school year, I learnt so much that it will help me to create something amazing in the future time. All of the examples above are all the changes that I had influence on that are social related. However, The biggest change that I appreciate the most is changing myself both physically and mentally. Be able to change myself for something that I don’t like about myself and make myself to a stronger person in all the aspect is such a great achievement for me. To change Cambodia and the world, I need to change myself first because everything start from individual. Leadership skill is one of my main transformation, I was a guy who like to control people and point people to work when it’s come to a group work, but now I am able to lead people better, i discuss other opinion and work with them to make improvement. Therefor, this year at Liger, I have changed many thing that related to me and to the society. Making changes will happen more and more because I learn understand the problems and solving it more.


What are you waiting for? Tos Tov!!

Did you know that Cambodian taxi drivers experience difficulties finding passengers? And did you know that the passengers have a hard time to finding the right driver at the right time, to go where they need to go?

After a few weeks me, my wonderful teammates and a mentor from French help come up with a solution to solve this problem. That is called Tos Tov, Tos Tov is an app that provides the connection between the driver and the passenger. This means we are giving three main benefits to them: 1 the Cambodian drivers can find more passengers 2- saving passengers’ time of waiting. Once this system works together we will have less traffic and safer roads.

Unlike other alternatives app that already exists. We have come up with two features that will revolutionize the way Cambodian think about the app. The first feature is the innovation by SMS. The second one is the power of the community.

What motivates us to have the commitment to accomplish this is the vision of creating a better Cambodia and a better world with safer roads and more convenient travel options.

Liger Digital Currency

Liger Digital Currency (LDC) is a project that influences everyone in the Liger family, and the outside world as well. It’s basically about creating a platform that allows people to send and receive money through technology, such as smartphones or computers. The idea of this project was started by the Founder of Liger Learning Center, which is Trevor Gile. He says that we should create a digital currency system that will be used by everyone at Liger. It must be safe, secure and convenient . I chose to take this opportunity as an Exploration. The first week we started to explore the Bitcoin Mechanical System and their features to learn more and see what features that we could in corporate in the LDC. Then, we learned that Bitcoin is a decentralized system because they use blockchain. After many discussions about the platform, we decided to have three main teams in the LDC exploration, that teams are the Database, UI & UX team and a Communication team. The UI & UX team is the one who designs the website and makes the user interact with the website easily. Database is the team that best fits me because I have some experience coding JavaScript. The two members on this team are Sreyneang L and I. My team’s task is not a very fun job to code because there were no visual displays. Most of the time the database team is the one who is responsible for the back-end of the platform, like storing the data of the user in a very secure place, and making sure it doesn’t get lost. For example, if you are sending me 10 Pedros (name of our currency, where one Pedro = one US dollar), my job is to add that transaction to the transaction record and also to subtract the money from your account and then add the 10 Pedros to my account total. The most challenging part for me in this exploration is seeing the big picture of the whole project. This means that I am only working on my task and it’s hard to think about the other parts of the project and how they will all combine together. In the end, I managed to start understanding it better and the team was working well as a group and our first prototype was successfully made.Don’t miss my next post!

Cookbook exploration

In the senior generation, Liger students will cook their own food. Not all students know how to cook, right? So, they need some references to help them. That is why this book was created.

This book contains a lot of different food styles including Khmer, Western, and fusion. A group of nine students worked really hard to find the recipes and make sure it is acceptable for the students to cook by themselves. We broke up the styles of food into many different sections such as, salad, meat, poultry, seafood, and etc. These dishes can be cooked for breakfast and dinner (also maybe lunch).

We hope from now on everyone can cook by themselves, no matter where you are. Also, we hope that this book will help you to cook delicious meals for your friends, family, and yourselves.