Learning how to a better waste management

After the exploration end, so I started to work on project as an expertise. This is what I usually felt at Liger, there were many wonderful projects that has stop as the exploration end. Nothing big happen or other word the exploration taped haven’t complete the mission. I said to myself that I can’t let this one happened the same as the other, because the potential changes that this project could bring o the world is big. The mission is to create a liable cost compost design that both strong and large storage. Therefore, in this expertise, we kind of approached two main path to do this. The first essential thing that we did is finalize the design and calculate the price of all type of materials. Second thing that we also did is working planning a system that would work for the school. Sorry to say this, but the school aren’t do a good a job at compost our own house wastes. We are trying to help other, but we haven’t help ourself. So currently we have the first prototype, which is cost about 50$ for a size of 1.5meters square and a height of one meter. This size can store at least 200 kg of compost. I have come across and realized that inventing an effective design is not easy, there are many aspects to it such as the strength, foundation and appearance. But, the best thing is that we can always make changes to it to make the best of our ability. We only have one hour a week, and if we want to see this change our community, we have to push through our own time.

Creative Technology Expertise

This engineering expertise is not like other, it is called the creative technology, meaning that it includes five main subjects, which is science, technology, engineering, ART and math. From all of these subjects, the most focused subject area for this expertise is the art of design. Design is the most important aspect of engineer, everything need design, from the frame/shape of the object to the very tiny complex electronical part. Getting the right design for a system will make those product run smooth and have the least error, which is the key to success. There are a lot of critical thinking involving in this expertise. Finding problem is also very essential when testing a prototype. These past few weeks we had working on designing an Arduino car frame and reprogramming the micro-controller. We had build a lot of electronic skill building such as learning how to code (Javascript) and electronic circuit.