ROV robotic is complicated, but exciting!

The ocean cover about 72% of the planet. As a Cambodia citizen, I am proud that we have ocean and all the amazing creature in the ocean. Not many country have the resource that we are having. Cambodia ocean is one of the factor that capture international and national tourist to visit go on their holiday. One of the thing that the tourist expected to have when they visit Kep, kampot and Sihanoukville is the seafood, especially crab. Therefore, the demand of seafood in Cambodia is exceedingly high all of the season. Because there are such a high demand of seafood, the fisherman’s are willing to do anything to supplies the needs. This idea lead to a terrible action, which is illegal fishing. This problem create the Marine Conservation of Cambodia to exist. MCC is an organization whose mission is to protect and conserve Cambodia’s marine biodiversity and habitats.Inspire by MCC and researcher from all around the world who said that it hard to survey fish in deep and far distance and conserve the ocean meaning that I can do something to help. We thought about drone, drone can fly in the air. Why don’t we create something that can drive underwater with an ability to capture a staple, clear footage, collecting survey, mapping the location of the reef and so on. Our intention is to build a submarine that have the ability to capture a stable, clear, high resolution footage and can survey the different kind of fish with clear information and picture of the species, and other creature and identify it. Furthermore, our ambition is to create a sensor that the submarine the trolling zone in the ocean. Currency, it doesn’t exist yet, it still a concept. Therefore, now we are researching and learning all the science behind a ROV robot. Four weeks ago, what we had done is creating the first basic submarine followed by Sea-perch curriculum that basically can move forward and backward and go up and down. This simple design had help us to understand the buoyancy of the robot, the framework that worked best, the best placed to mount the thruster and more. Currently, we are working on researching and designing our own framework that is unique and powerful. Beside doing the framework, we are also researching on the electronic hardware such as the thruster, esc module, propeller that will suit our design and the requirement the most. If this exist, we would help thousands of marine scientist to compile their research much more efficient, can discovered the ocean world in a deeper and a further regions that might be dangerous for scientist to go, video and the picture of the species. In conclusion, we hope to work with more professional engineer and coder to make this wonderful concept exist as soon as possible.