LGBTQ+ Summit

I volunteered to be a part of the LGBTQ+ Summit because I want to see freedom, smile, and the beauty within all people in the world.  In Cambodia and many parts of the world, coming out and living in the LGBTQ+ community is a struggle. This is violating human rights! Every individual should have the freedom to express whatever they want and receive all the necessary service without any restriction and discrimination.

LGBTQ+ Summit, called Rainbow Summit, with the theme of breaking down the barriers that may exclude LGBTQ+ community within the society, was an opportunity for young Cambodians to discuss gender identity and sexuality.  We value meaningful discussion, embrace differences, and to inspire Cambodian youth to create positive change in their own communities. Through facilitating healthy and constructive conversations about language, culture, laws, and health, we hope to build a more supportive and unified society.  

During the summit, I was the facilitator of the laws and politics session. We went through the problem and the consequences of not having a legal framework for gay marriage. Some of the problems are that gay couples have to deal with property and custody.

The participants were very engaged in the discussion, they were each other question back and forth related to the issues, intervention, and policy. I clearly saw that everyone was so passionate about trying to fix the problem and to be the role model for their family and communities. 

To see my Cambodian peers took part in the change maker for a crucial problem like this, I have so much hope my country.


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