I WON Hun Sen Mission!! (I am a youth role model)

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, it was my life history because I got to meet the Prime minister of Cambodia to get the certificate and some prize from the “I am a youth role model”. I am a youth role model is a public competition was founded by the Prime minister to encourage youth in Cambodia to demonstrate more of their nice work that helps to make the change in Cambodia. There are 76 contestants and five of them are Liger. So each person who join need to have a project that can be a video, song, poem, and article and art that connect to the theme. I decide to put in my Animal & Plant book that has four people worked on it (Mengthong, Visal, Vuthy and me). The reason that I choose to bring this book in the competition is because it can help Cambodian students to learn more about STEM and to encourage them to read more. To win this challenge, you need to have the most like which the like have come from the public. Then they will select the top ten to compete again on the Prime minister Facebook page in order to find the top one. Unfortunately, there are only two students from Liger passed the top ten. At the end, I got sixth place and Sreyneang got fifth place. The top ten got many prizes such as money, two pairs of sports clothes and certificate.

This is the video that shows the activities when I go to get the prizes.

Video: សម្តេចតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន នាយករដ្ឋមន្រ្តីនៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា អញ្ជើញប្រគល់រង្វាន់ និងប័ណ្ណសរសើរដល់ បេក្ខជន បេក្ខនារីទទួលជ័យលាភីទាំង១០រូប នៅក្នុងកម្មវិធី «ខ្ញុំជាយុវជនគំរូកម្ពុជា» នៅវិមានសន្តិភាព នៅព្រឹកថ្ងៃទី១០ ខែមេសា ឆ្នាំ២០១៦

Posted by Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister on 10 មេសា 2016

These are the photo for that event

Liger Visitor Infomation Palace (VIP)

The idea of making Liger Visitor Infomation Palace (VIP) is because Liger school have many visitors come to visit our school. So, instead of taking students to host them, we create this VIP to host for us. To make it happen we create 4 differents team that focus on differents type of jobs. Those jobs are Landscaping, designing, Solar electricity system and 3D model design. I a part of the Solar electricity team and basically my team works on installing the Solar system to run in the VIP. To complete this massive work, we have to work with the experts from the NRG solution solar company and work with our school director to get the budget. My second job for this Exploration is designing Liger Main Building and the new dormitories with my partner Mengthong, using Blender (a 3D modeling software) with the scale of 200 times smaller. Down here are some of the picture and video of our work. Please, don’t miss my new post.

These are the photo of the activities in this Exploration

Sea level crisis is an opportunity | Tedx Talk

I really enjoy talking about what I am passionate about, and TEDx is a really great opportunity for me to share what I learned and share my solutions to the others to prepare for these gigantic problems. These problems are sea level rising, flooding, storm and climate change. These kinds of problems can make people die easily, so we need to solve and adapt to it now. I talk about life in his province, problems with changing water levels, and come up with the solutions to solve these main issues. This is my first time to spook in front of about 200 people and share my video to the TEDx talk YouTube channel that has about 3.9 million subscribers.

First day of school

At the first day of school there was a big event for Liger because all the educated people like the Secretary of State of Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, high school director in Phnom Penh and many high ranking and educate people have come to our school to see what we’re doing currently in our core curriculum area. So we have seven type of presentations to share with them and all of this presentation or event what we practicing will affect what they’re thinking about the education. The main reason that Minister of Education Youth and Sport had invited to them to came is not to debate who doing better on education but the reason that they’re coming here because a different style of education. We all hope that when I walk out of our school they will learn something that they haven’t known before. That day I was presenting to them about Project-based learning.

It the learning of a specific project that they want to know more

“I really like to start school like this because I have a lot of fun sharing with the others about education.” I That event was a big day for me but I feel like a normal day for me because what I need a lot of time to prepare, worried and think about what I going to talk because I practicing these every day in school and I just say what I have been doing in school. My experience from this event was I should practice more on Khmer speaking. Sometimes I lost the word in Khmer because I use to practice in English.

Javascript Calculator

This is my first project in Javascipt. I passionate about coding and I curious about with all the langlange, curently I know a bit about Javascript, C++, and simple web programming langance like html, CSS. So every single day I learn code and practice code. Now we have found an expert about Javascript to come and teach us about it. I love it so far and I really take it seriously to that course. In the past four weeks I have been learning about Variable, Function, If and else and simple staff. This week I have complete one of the project which calculator.

Javascript basic calculator from samnang nuon on Vimeo.

Edit fiddle – JSFiddle

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

The next project that I have to work on guessing number game and now I was getting stuck with the random number formular. You not miss my other post and please check my blog even because it may shock you. Thank you.

C++ learning

In the past two weeks I have been learning about C++. C++ is the programming language, which is a very powerful to make an app, website, database, etc. This programme is a pretty hard to study. Youtube is my main teacher. Currently, I like the course that I take. I have learned array, function, loop and other simple staffs. I passionate about technology. Trust me

you can pick up everything from internet.

There are some picture and a video of what I have learned. Don’t miss my other posts.

This is what I’ve change my country in 2015 – 2016

As I study and grade are getting higher, more and more activities and the concept of learning at the Liger Learning Center (LLC) has changed because Liger mission is to change a developing like Cambodia. To do that, everyone in Liger need to work extremely hard in order to accomplish this mission. Every day many things going on in Liger reflect to change Cambodia, it’s not about we see things change Cambodia, but in Liger, it more about change in mine, idea, a concept. At LLC the curriculum areas are unique to the world by facilitating to student direct places. Since the instance ecotourism group had been to Koh-Kong province to see and solve the problems at that ecotourism site.Last year I changed Cambodia by many pictures such as teach a student with their behavior in Chi phat, Koh Kong. Again, this is an example of mine changing, I am changing Cambodia road, etc., but is changing the one that will respond to change Cambodia back.​​​ Now let see what I have changed Cambodia and how I change Cambodia.


Now Cambodia is growing in every sector of the economy that include agriculture, construction, garment, tourism, telecommunication, transportation infrastructure, fisheries, Manufacture because of government focus on it more and think that more important to our country. But there are abundant of big and small problem beside the sectors on the top such as theft, education system, deforestation, land policy, traffic accident, poverty, low quality and so on.As I one of the Liger student now I can’t change it all but for me, I like to lead the way of Cambodians to help me and everybody to change their country. To be honest, I like to be clean and I always through the rubbish in the bin and my intention for this is to make my country’s clean. Can you imaging Cambodia will clean if only me clean it? It’s absolutely not, like one quote from Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”If we think of Cambodia if everyone try together, including kids, doctor, cleaner, construction worker and etc. I’m Samnang one of the students in the Liger Learning Center going to change Cambodia by using my knowledge that I have learned from the world and my skill that I will study to change The kingdom of wonder.So from my message and who ever see my words, please walk back and start to think how can you change Cambodia. I will be very appreciate to those who work. From Samnang “we make changes, Cambodia will change”.

Experient with speaking to the world

I went to the radio station in Phnom Penh to talk about technology that help my learning and how I used teachnology to change both Cambodia and myself. This interview had teach me many things such problem solver, creative, knowleage content and understanding things. This is all the skills will lead me in to a better position. I know and confedendt that I’m like speaking and that what I like to do, also I think it fun for mr. When I spook the first time on the radio, I felt so nervous but exited. I speak for about ten minutes, but the best part is anwser questions live with the listener that time I need to use my dot connector skill because the question are tuff. After I start to like it.
Down there are some of the my video and picture of me at the radio station. Don’t miss my other posts!!

I am FROM poem

I am from book
from Television and personal computer
I am from the adoration, Cambodia’s got Talent
I am from the coding, basketball

I’m from veracity
from Sok Ka
I’m from speaking
and from manage
and believe and Sineoun and singing
I’m from the duck and morning growing and a fat boy
and national cambodia song
I’m from go to pagoda
I’m from Takeo province and White shirt
bitter melon soup and pro hork
From frie dog
But most of all everything that transform are eating and learning.