Tackling the Wonderful SAT TEST

SAT is literally in 3 days! That is scary but excited at the same time. In Math essential, 95% of the class time is strongly devoted to SAT math section preparation and I been doing that for over 4 weeks now.

Most of the time, we worked on filling the individual math content, such as the system of equation, right triangle, circle theorem, and remainder theorem. I pretty confident with the materials, but my two biggest flaws are the limited time and strategy that I approach the questions.  

Jeff Boucher, our math facilitator, had guided me through the differences approach to solving a problem. Those approaches include the plugin, read the desire findings, and work back from the answer choices.

As I spend some time working on different types of problems, I started to see some patterns and methods that work for me.

The only way to beat the time constraint and the test is to practice. So, I hope everything going to turn out well.

See you SAT!!


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